Aikido Essence

(José Carlos Escobar – Shidoin, 06/2016)

For years Aikido has been practiced in a large number of countries around the world and yet, after O´Sensei´s death –Aikido´s founder–it has been furthered and practiced insufficiently, at the expense of the full achievement of its objectives.

• On one hand, too much emphasis has been put on the activities used in practice that have been mistakenly called ¨techniques¨ since AIKIDO HAS NO SUCH THING AS ¨TECHNIQUES¨: its practice is made of movements by means of which it is necessary to develop a work that will help the mutual development of practitioners in regards to their Human potential. This is better understood when we take a good look at the terms all practitioners use and know.

Ikkyo, Nikyo, Sankyo, etc.
Kokyu ho, Kokyu nage, Irimi nage, Kote gaeshi, Shi-ho nage, etc

Swari waza

Tachi waza

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