Educating Through the Body – Developing the Human Heart


Por Dr. José Carlos Escobar , PhD.

Centro de Enseñanza para Extranjeros
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México








 ¨Education¨ is a process intended to achieve and bring the best out of individuals.  But due to a long held Illustration tradition we have forgotten to pay attention to our human development. We have neglected to define what that ¨best¨ might be and to look for the right formula to do this. We have basically focused on developing the best of ourselves by studying different sciences and gathering information and by developing intellectual skills. However our new century demands an effort to find a new formula that will help us get the best of ourselves as human beings by using our human energy, something that should be obvious in a world full of different kinds of energy (solar, electrical, nuclear, and the like). We still have to discover our human energy, multiply it and use it in our contemporary world. This goal should be a complement and an innovation in education since our human energy has driven human development from the beginning of times and has taken us to where we are today. We have created a civilization but now we must learn how to live peacefully and cooperatively so we can control our destinies in this and all the following centuries. This article defends the importance of educating people´s human heart by discovering and using their own physical energy. It explains how Aikido, a contemporary non-fighting martial art, is a formula that can be used in education together with the regular subjects that are part of both formal and informal programs. Aikido is a new educational paradigm intended to help individuals develop a new kind of humanity. It presents general results from a doctoral thesis in education that evaluates Aikido´s potential in education that can help us achieve the best there is in human beings. This work also aims to present some results regarding the use of Aikido in accordance to its particular humanitarian goals


Educating the heart has been a challenge for many centuries. Aristotle is said to have pointed out that education is incomplete without it. A long time after him, the term “education of the heart” (Herzensbildung) was used again by the German writer Friedrich

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